1. Type of loading:

  • Unilateral loading, designed to work with one truck/trailer;
  • Three lateral loading, designed load and unload up to three trucks/trailers simultaneously and transfer goods from one vehicle to another;

2. Type of support:

  • Without support on the vehicle which have their own support. Due to this, the weight of the ramp and forklift with goods does not lie on the vehicle body. Height variations between the ramp and the truck trailer are compensated by a hinged lip;Unilateral loading, designed to work with one truck/trailer;
  • With support on the vehicle which completely follows truck height during loading and unloading operations.

3. Operator type

  • Manual hydraulic operator;
  • Jost lift mechanism;
  • Electro hydraulic operator.

4. Carriageway material:

  • Galvanized grill;
  • Expanded metal sheet.

DoorHan offers four basic models of mobile ramps of RM series: with support on truck; without support on truck; with three lateral load; without upper horizontal platform. Combinations of operator type and carriageway material are available for all mobile ramp models. Тhere is also possibility to manufacture mobile ramps according to individual needs.


All mobile ramps work on a similar principle. The ramp is raised by a mechanical or hydraulic operator, equipped with a safety system, and is easily moved by a forklift to the required loading/unloading area. The mobile ramp with support on truck is installed on the vehicle body while the mobile ramp with its own support is installed on the support. After operation is complete, the ramp is raised and is transported back to the storage area using a forklift.

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