• Self-cleaning hinges between the leveler and lip;
  • Ramp length is 400 mm (can be optionally increased to 500 mm);
  • When working with a truck having skewed platform, the leveler can tilt sideways to 100 mm;
  • Due to the yellow-black signal strip, one can see that the platform is located above the level of the ramp;
  • The surface is made of lentil sheet to provide a better adhesion of the forklift wheel;
  • The lip supports ensure a safe transverse movement on the leveler in the closed position;
  • The safety system instantly stops the hydraulic leveler in the case of hose breakage or in case of unauthorized departure of the car during loading/unloading works;
  • Side airbags prevent the staff feet getting into the gap between the leveler and the pit during operation;
  • Locking mechanism (repair backup) provides a safe leveler maintenance and repair.


Dimensions / Features  
Length, mm 2022 / 2500 / 3000 / 3500 / 4000 / 4500
Width, mm 1800 / 2000 / 2200
Working rage  
• above the dock, mm 0-550 mm
• below the dock, mm 0-350 mm
Colour* Signal blue (RAL 5005)
Amount of lift cylinders  
• Standard 1
• Upon request 2
* Power coating with preliminary shot blasting.
Load capacity 6000 kg / 10000 kg
Motor hydraulic unit 0,75 kw
Supply voltage 380V, 3 phases
Control voltage 24V
Control unit protection class IP54
Working fluid Mobil DTe10 eXCEL
Class of surface cleaning before painting SA2
Thickness of painted layer 60-90 micron
Operation temperature range from -30 to 50 °С
  Standard Option
Mounting type Embedded / Suspended Other upon request
Colour Signal blue (RAL 5005) Other upon request
Lip Length - 400 mm Length-500 mm, segmented lip, tapered lip
Hydraulic system 1 lift cylinder, 1 control cylinder 2 lift cylinders, low temperature oil-50°С
Bumpers   See page 29
Seal PVC-seal along perimeter For dock levelers > 3000 mm
Heat insulation   Polyurethane foam insulation under upper deck
Load capacity 6000 / 10000 kg Other upon request
Working range From-350 to 550 mm Other upon request

Construct and size

  • 1. Platform cover
  • 2. Lip
  • 3. Frame
  • 4. Side curtain airbags
  • 5. Signal black and yellow stripes
  • 6. Hydraulic Pump
  • 7. Lifting cylinder
  • 8. Cylinder lip
  • 9. Backup repair
  • 10. Control unit

Dock levelers are covered with embossed steel sheet with a thickness of 6-8 mm, where the embossing height is 0,6-2,4 mm. Dock levelers can be manufactured with embossed steel sheet with a thickness of 6 mm where the embossing height is 0.6-1.8 mm, if these are intended for loading and unloading operations using a standard forklift. Dock levelers can be also produced with embossed steel sheet of 8 mm thickness where the embossing height is 0.8-2.4 mm, if these are intended to be used with high point load equipment (eg. electric stackers). There might be a potential distortion of the platform top sheet, which does not affect leveler operation. The lip is made of embossed steel sheet with 12 mm thickness, where the embossing height is 1,2-3,6 mm. The longitudinal beams may be made of 100/120 mm or L-shaped profile with dimensions 140x40x4 mm, the frame — 100/120 mm. In case when the length of the platform is greater than 3500 mm, the longitudinal beams and frame are made of I-beam 120 mm.

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